Chicago Woman Arrested for Impersonating Immigration Officer and Stealing Thousands From Immigrants

Unfortunately, It’s more that just institutions exploiting immigrants in the name of profit. Coyotes, lawyers, and just everyday people are in the game of immigrants for sale. Here’s a frustrating story out of Chicago.  

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Police in Chicago have arrested a Little Village woman they say posed as an immigration officer, charging two people thousands of dollars to arrange for their U.S. citizenship.

Gloria Juarez, 53, reportedly charged two Chicago residents $17,000 to process their applications for U.S. citizenship, then threatened them with deportation at gunpoint if they failed to pay her the bogus fee, according to the Chicago Tribune. Juarez has allegedly operated the same scam for the past five years, extorting nearly $150,000 from deceived immigrants.

Juarez told authorities that she has been keeping half the money from her fraudulent exchanges, and giving the other half to her son, who owed money for drugs he had bought herVívelohoy reports. Police found crack cocaine in Juarez’s possession during her arrest Sunday.

Juarez faces charges of theft by deception, impersonating a police officer and possession of a controlled substance, police told Vívelohoy.

Police arrested Juarez after her two most recent victims filed official complaints with the department, according to Univision.

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