These things can fly up to 100 miles from any sea or land border. That jurisdiction encompasses bout 2/3 of U.S. population (at

Forget Amazon. Here’s who is REALLY bringing drones the U.S.

So Border Patrol sponsored a Nascar driver as part of a really expensive marketing campagin to recruit more agents. It’s almost impressive how bad it went. 

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Dumb things our border enforcement budget is buying.

File this under, “Dumb things the border enforcement budget is buying.”

This sheriff recently quit to work security for a contractor. Go figure.
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This spending is totally UNECESSARY. http//

Border patrol agents are living the life in these state if the art homes. This is totally unnecessary. (at

This is what Boeing did with 7 years and a billion dollars.

Does your pocket feel lighter? (at

Pause. So, while the majority of people of color are subject to the militarizing of the border a small percentage of people get rich of off that? 


Guess what happens when border fence contractors accidentally build INTO Mexico.

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